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Find here our newsletter "Short and Queer" and QueerExchange articles from the AFS 'Horizonte' magazine here.

Please be aware of the fact that until now most of the newsletters and articels are in German and cover our work within AFS Germany.

Newsletter "Kurz & Queer"

Kurz & Queer Sommer 2014

Kurz & Queer Winter 2013

Kurz & Queer Herbst 2013

Kurz & Queer Sommer 2013

Kurz & Queer Sommer 2012

Kurz & Queer Frühjahr 2011

Horizonte & Intercultural Link

"Horizonte" - Queer und andersrum

"AFS Intercultural Link" - QueerExchange: Adressing LGBT Topics within AFS

"Horizonte" - Eine wie keine

"Horizonte" - Jetzt neu und anders: IG QueerTausch