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A warm welcome!!!

Who or what is QueerExchange?

QueerExchange is a group of full-time and volunteer staff of AFS Germany. We deal with matters concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as a part of student exchanges and international voluntary service programs.

QueerExchange wants to be the voice of LGBT individuals and make alternative family and lifestyles more visible. We encourage an open dialogue so queer can become just another facet of life-at home and abroad!

Why QueerExchange?

Homosexual host students, host parents, and homo, bisexual and transgender people among volunteers and staff are already part of the German diversity of life.

How does it work?

QueerExchange gets involved, organizes workshops and information booths and tries to create awareness for different points of views. Through these interactions with the public we aim to reduce insecurities and reservations people may have when it comes to dealing with an alternative lifestyle. Sometimes a penny might drop, sometimes you might have a light bulb moment or we are just able to take a heavy load of your mind by simply providing some information.
Our job is to be a liaison and foster mutual understanding when people reach their 'queer limits'.
We are here for you! We will answer your questions and find regional contact persons. 

Please be aware...

of the fact that, until now, we have only been a German initiative, with few European excursions. That means we are focused on activities, offers and improvements for German AFS volunteers and staff, as well as circumstances of hoststudents coming to Germany and LGBT-hostfamilies in Germany. We are very much aware that any question about sexual identity in relation to cultural exchanges cannot and shall not be answered from a single-nation point of view. However, we have been working to improve and extend the reach of our program, and will always be a part of the AFS family, not only restricted to Germany. We are very welcoming towards any help, support, and additions to our queer community.