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Post yourself with the rainbow sign!

AFS stands for an open-minded, tolerant society and therefore welcomes people of any sexual or gender identity. People should not be afraid of being themselves - they can find a safe space at AFS.

We rely on your help to build awareness and make safe spaces more visible, both inside and outside of the AFS networks. We are currently looking for people within AFS who support diversity, especially through the inclusion of sexual and gender identities. We encourage these people to consider speaking out with a show of acceptance towards queer topics.

You can easily take a stand as a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer people at AFS by taking a selfie with our rainbow-sign!

Further information on how to take part in our campaign can be found in the attached document:

Since you're already here, how about becoming a part of our interactive world map? The map provides an overview on the scope of the campaign supporters and also helps people easily find a safe space.

World map - interactive!

Places and people you are safe with - how to use the world map

... can use the world map to build awareness and improve the visibility of LGBTQ-acceptance. Feel free to include your email address, Facebook or Instagram if you want to enable viewers or other supporters to contact you. Otherwise send us an email instead: kontakt(at)

... can use the world map to view the number of campaign supporters as well as their locations.

How to add an entry on the world map - make it colorful

On a desktop browser: click on the round button at the upper right corner of the world map and fill in your information.
On a mobile device: click on the three lines at the upper left corner and then select +Add and fill in your information.

Please contact us if there are any issues with adding or entries or with any other questions or problems.ZeeMaps provides the map as an external supplier and might place ads while you use it.

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Digital human chain

On YouTube there is a digital human chain, in which each person explains in a short video, why they are a part of the "You're safe with me" campaign. If you would like to be a part of this, then please send a short video to Alena Beutler in the AFS Germany office (alena.beutler(at) or via Whatsapp +491724045906) and she will add your video to the chain.