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Call for stories

We are always looking for experience accounts from LGBTQ* people who participated in a longer student exchange or volunteer program.
We would like to use the accounts on our website and, eventually, use them in training materials.

The following questions could give you an idea about what to write:

  • When and where were you abroad? Did you already know that you were bisexual, transgender or homosexual when you applied?
  • Was your sexual orientation or sexual identity a topic for you during your time abroad?

If you had a "coming out":

  • How did the people in your surroundings react (host family, friends, fellow AFSers, AFS volunteers, school or other activity groups)?
  • How did the people in your home country react?
  • What helped you?
  • What do you wish you had had? 

Beyond that, you are welcome to include everything in this context that is important to you. At your wish we can, of course, keep these accounts anonymous. If you have any further questions please contact us any time.