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Queer Theory - an online library

On the following pages - in this little virtual library - you will find texts, links and audio files that deal with different topics from a queer perspective.  With this, we also hope to provide background information about Queer Theory, its history, and its difficulties.
Queer Theory is a field of critical thinking that has origins in post-structuralism and the deconstructionist way of thinking. Queer Theory understands the world around us as a product of our statements, our performances and socially and scientifically declared 'truths'. These 'truths' are constantly being reaffirmed, allowing them to become steadily 'truer'. The queer point of view can be applied to our approach towards intercultural theory, the concept of alterity (otherness), and to the body, gender, love, language and many other facets of reality.
Come in and browse our archives a bit... maybe questions will arise to you that you never thought of before - that in itself is worth something, answers always have something satisfying about them.