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Hinweis zu COVID-19 / Corona

Bitte beachten Sie die weiterführenden Infos zum aktuellen Stand und dem Programmende aufgrund von COVID-19 auf

Thank you - Gracias - Danke!

AFSers from all around the world participated in our campaign. On Facebook and Instargram you will find lots of wonderful pictures from Iceland to Brasil, places and people where you are safe or will have somebody who listens. 

Thank you for your support and participation!

You can of course continue posting as long as you want to.
AFS Germany covered the campaign in the organizations magazine Horizonte - read it in German right here.

Post yourself with the rainbow sign!

AFS stands for an open-minded, tolerant society and therefore welcomes people of any sexual or gender identity. People should not be afraid of being themselves - they can find a safe space at AFS.

We rely on your help to build awareness and make safe spaces more visible, both inside and outside of the AFS networks. We are currently looking for people within AFS who support diversity, especially through the inclusion of sexual and gender identities. We encourage these people to consider speaking out with a show of acceptance towards queer topics.

You can easily take a stand as a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer people at AFS by taking a selfie with our rainbow-sign!

Further information on how to take part in our campaign can be found in the attached document:

Digital Human Chain

We also assembled a digital human chain on youtube, where people explain why you are safe wit them. Thank you to everybody who took part.