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This part of the website is about what you can do to make all gender and sexual identities more visible in order to help them become respected and supported in society. We have gathered information and tips to encourage thinking more along *queer* lines, passing these thoughts on and reacting to discriminatory behaviour.

What can I do?

In everyday life, at school, in college or university, at work, with friends or family - homo- and bisexual, trans*, intersex, or queer people are everywhere. But unfortunately, they are not yet treated with respect as a matter of course. To make acquaintance with queer people easier for, we put together some tips and options for future action.

We show you what you can do to... queer people, relationships and lifestyles in everyday life and react to discrimination.

...provide a "safe space" that queer people feel welcome and appreciated in if they need someone to confide in.

...react to derogatory comments und discriminatory behaviour within groups.

In your work as an AFS volunteer

In 2011, AFS Germany decided to expand their policy, in order to stand up and to work against discrimination on the basis of sexual identity. The success of this implementation lies on every volunteer and staff member of AFS Germany. 

We are striving to remove any prejudice directed towards people of a different sexual identity and to react to any open discrimination, especially within the realm of intercultural exchange. This can be accomplished by us talking about sexuality, recognizing and accepting personal boundaries, and finally, tolerating, and even embracing, the variety of lifestyles within Germany. 

In the 'Downloads' section of the AFS volunteer and staff website,, are all the documents from QueerExchange that we think could be helpful. There, as well as here, can you find our collection of queer games and the feedback forms. The queer games collection includes methods and games for use in all areas of program work, be it preparation, or halfway camp with students, or volunteer work.