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Queer Games Collection

We have gathered eight games from the common literature on sex education (see 'Links and Literature') that also contain an aspect of intercultural learning and can be used for awareness training within usual AFS training.

The collection consists of an introduction, advice on how (and where, and when) to use it, and a short guide on what to do for difficult, possibly homophobic, situations. For every game there are objectives, notes on the preparation, instructions and comments to be considered. Some of the games include other helpful materials, such as pictures, which can also be used.
In addition, the collection contains so-called case studies that describe situations of daily exchange life, which can be used in groups in order to discuss possible ways of dealing with the situations.

We would like to point out that before its use, every game should be adjusted to fit the target group: age, language skills, purpose of the event, and, perhaps, prior experiences. 

Why is that important?
Dealing with queer issues sensitizes and increases awareness, which help us learn to value diversity in society and to treat others with respect.

If you are interested in the Queer Games Collection, please contact us.